Aufruf in Englisch / Call for Action

No future for Nazis! Let’s prevent TDDZ in Neuruppin!

Neonazis plan to carry on with their annual campaign „Tag der deutschen Zukunft“ („Day of the German Future“), which exists since 2009, on June 6th, 2015 in Neuruppin (Brandenburg). Their aim is to fuel racist tensions in society and to (further) establish a threatening situation for migrants and refugees.

The main protagonist in the rally’s organization is the local structure of „Freie Kräfte Neuruppin/ Osthavelland“ (“Free Forces Neuruppin/ Osthavelland“). With up to 500 expected participants they want to continue Neonazi events in Neuruppin of the past years and strengthen their position in north-western Brandenburg.

The manifestation represents the highlight of a series of Neonazi manifestations and events. These gatherings are used to create an image, promote TDDZ and mobilize participants. We have to expect the largest Neonazi demonstration since the annual rally of Halbe (Brandenburg).

We won’t accept this! We call on all antifascists to oppose these Neonazis together and to shipwreck TDDZ with mass blockades.

We stand up for a society based on solidarity, equal opportunities and free room for development for everyone. We have to prevent a „future” of exclusion and suppression!

Come to Neuruppin on June 6th, 2015! Let’s block TDDZ together!